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Analysis, Design, Validation

With our passion for innovation, we are constantly working towards our goal of producing quality products quickly at low cost.

We design, develop, manufacture, promote and distribute premium aluminum products in partnership with OEMs internationally.

Thanks to our high production competencies that allow us to achieve results in accordance with globally determined standards, we always serve with the principle of on-time delivery in our company.

Product Development

Research and Development is a priority for Yeşilova. Innovation is a key factor for success by differentiating our products and services.

Through innovation, Yeşilova aims to anticipate new technological trends and offer differentiating products that meet efficiency, lightness, cost, quality and safety requirements. We work closely with automakers when designing and manufacturing our products, from the early stages of development to final production. In addition to allowing us to meet their expectations in terms of current products, this collaboration facilitates the joint development of bodily concepts and technologies for the future.

Yeşilova is constantly working to develop lighter vehicles. Mitigation is one of Yeşilova’s main research areas. This is one of the most demanded requirements in the automotive industry due to the need to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Project Management

While we work with a focus on creating a perfect customer experience for every project we undertake, we act with an agile management approach that meets the requirements of the automotive industry with the PMI methodology. We follow solution-oriented approaches with our proactive teams that take into account the special requests of our customers.

Quality Management

Conforming to OEM standards, IATF 16949, Q1 environmental sustainability, OHS, traceability, QDMS, digital transformation, green consensus, CMM, EOL control technology.

We serve as a strategic solution partner that our customers trust with our innovative products made of aluminum systems at international quality standards and easily applicable solutions even for the most difficult project details.