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Heavy Commercial Vehicles

We carry out the design and production activities of interior trim, exterior trim, chassis and security parts for main industry automotive companies. We present the finished and approved product to our customers by carrying out joint projects covering design, analysis, testing and verification activities starting from the styling stage of the product.

Crash Management Systems

Our Crash Management systems, which we produce with aluminum extrusion and innovative joining technology, are designed for optimum collision performance and lightness. With our competencies in aluminum and application-specific alloys, our solutions offer more than 30% weight reduction and higher corrosion resistance than steel.

*C24/C28 alloys are a high class yield strength alloy group used as standard by leading German vehicle manufacturers. As Yeşilova, we produce products that meet all the requirements of TL-116-EN standards.

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Functional Parts

Adapting to the world of mobility and bringing new functions to vehicles; We develop light, durable, decorative and easy-to-install special solutions.

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Canel Automotive
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